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Aurora Solar Water Heater Panel with Mounting Hardware. Made by Solene. One 4 x 10 Collector
   Model: SLAR-40
Aurora Solar Water Heater Panel with Mounting Hardware. Made by Solene. One 4 x 10 Collector
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    Solene Aurora Solar CollectorAurora - Active Solar Water Heater Panel with Mounting Hardware, One 4 x 10 Collector. Made by Solene

    Solar Thermal Technology pays for itself! Start using solar power today to improve your life and save you money.

    Aurora Solar Collectors are the most technologically advanced on the market today. Aurora features the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering to provide efficiency and durability you can depend on for years to come.

    Get all the convenience of traditional water heaters while eliminating traditional costs, emissions and hassles. Solene's cutting-edge solar-thermal technology gives you immediate savings on your monthly power bill. Plus, federal tax credits and state and utility incentives mean even bigger savings on your investment. Solene systems are maintenance free and long lasting so you can reap the rewards and make a positive environmental impact for years to come.

    Solene is dedicated to helping consumers save money by providing clean, cost-effective solar hot water systems, produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers with more than 30 years of continuing technological and warranty excellence.

    Aurora Collector Benefits:

    Super Savings
    Solar water heating reduces water-heating costs by 75-90%
    Maintenance Free – "One piece" panel design & superior
       mounting system eliminates the need for rubber hoses & clamps
    Pays for Itself – Initial costs offset in about 5 years.
    Thousands of dollars may be deducted from your tax return

    Efficient Durability
    Top of the line – Solene uses only the highest rated
       collectors in the industry
    Fully Automated – Pump & controller are automatically 
       activated by the sun
    Constant Heating – Back-up heating element means you always
       have hot water even during extended cloudy periods.
    Quality Guaranteed – Our Lifetime Limited Warranty is the best in
       the industry.

    Neighborhood Friendly
    Great Design – Multiple panel sizes and colors integrate nicely
       with your roof.
    Green Smart – Solene harnesses the most powerful, clean and
       free energy source available, the sun.

    Aurora solar panels are the most technologically advanced collectors on the market today. Aurora features the highest quality materials & state-of-the-art engineering to provide maximum efficiency & durability you can depend on for years to come.

    Aurora solar collectors are environmentally responsible, non-polluting and reliable in any environment. Aurora solar hot water panels are an important element of any solar hot water system, producing dependable results under any weather conditions. Solene's Aurora Solar Hot Water Collector

    Aurora Collector Features:

    Absorber Plate
    Utilizing a state-of-the-art ultrasound weld, copper fins and risers provide superior thermal connectivity between the fins and risers. Revolutionary coating is black chrome on nickel, producing a premium selective surface with maximum efficiency for solar energy use. Absorbability = 0.95 Emissivity = 0.12

    2 Tubing Grid
    3/8" copper risers are brazed to 1" copper manifolds for optimal flow distribution.

    Piping Connection
    Four 1" Type M copper tubes.

    Aluminum Foil
    Attached to the insulation, acts as a barrier against out-gasing.

    Solar Glass Glazing
    A single pane of 1/8" thick solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability. *Iron oxide content: 0.03% *Solar transmittance: 91%

    Back Plate
    Fiberglass Backing: Reduces torque in the frame, is lightweight and eliminates the possibility of any electrolysis issues for maximum benefit.

    1-3/16" polyurethane foam cast under and around the side of the absorber plate, retains the heat of the water in the collector. DFC-free P.U. meets U.S. and European standards.

    All aluminum extrusion casings create a sleek framewall. Unique extruded profile allows easy anchoring to the roof (shingle, tile, tar) or collector stands.

    All-around EPDM gasket. Highly resistant to temperature differences and UV radiation. Absorbs the differential expansion of frame and glazing.

    Product Warranty:
    Ten (10) Year Warranty
    Plus Lifetime Limited Warranty

    Made in the USA
    Made in the USA

    Aurora Collector Specifications:

    Specifications Model SLAR-40
    Gross Area (sq. ft.) 40.38
    Net Aperture Area (sq. ft.) 37.44
    Ratio Net/Gross Area 0.95
    Length (in.) 117.96"
    Width (in.) 47.4
    Thickness (in.) 3.96"
    Weight (in.) 132.2

    Fluid Capacity (gal.)

    Recommended Flow Rate 0.7
    Test Pressure (psi) 300
    Operating Pressure (psi) 145
    Efficiency Ratings SLAR-40
      Clear Day Mildly Day Cloudy Day
    A (-9º F) 56.5 42.7 29.0
    B (9º F) 50.7 36.9 23.2
    C (36º F) 42.4 28.8 15.4
    D (90º F) 27.6 15.3 4.1
    E (144º F) 14.9 5.1 0.0

    Efficiency Equation [NOTE: Based on gross are and (P)=Ti-Taj]
    S I UNITS: n=0.7820  -4.28050  (P)/I  -0.00484  (P)2/I
    I P UNITS: n=0.7820 -0.7540 (P)/I -0.0005 (P)2/I
    0.8                     -4.6 W/m2 .°C
    0.8                     -0.8 Btu/hr.ft2.°F

    Ti = Temperature (T out - T in) 2F
    Ta= Ambient temperature F
    I = Solar Radiation Btu/hr/ft2

    Product Manufacturer:
    Solene Solar Hot Water Systems


    download pdf Aurora Solar Panel Specifications
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    download pdf Aurora Solar Panel Warranty
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    download pdf Aurora Solar Panel Installation Manual
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    How It Works:

    Flat plate collectors capture solar energy by employing the green house effect. The glass covering permits up to 90% of the visible sunlight to enter the collector. When the light passes through the glass its frequency is changed slightly to a lower energy level. When the light strikes the absorbing surface of the flat plate inside, the light is absorbed as heat. The combination of the glass frequency change and the solar absorbing surface of the plate capture the maximum amount of energy. As the absorber plate heats up it begins to radiate energy as infrared (IR) or heat radiation. Glass is essentially opaque to IR wavelengths so the heat is trapped increasing the temperature.

    Optional System Mounting Hardware:

    SL-FM Solene flush mount heavy duty hardware gripper style kit

    Solene mounting kit

    SL-FML Solene flush mount hardware L-bracket style
    Solene mounting kit

    SL-TM36 Mount hardware, tilt 36
    Solene mounting kit

    A complete typical solar domestic water heating system components and
    layout is shown below.


    Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options.

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