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Pool Pilot - Cells
Replacement Conversion Cells
For Salt-chlorine Generators
Made by: AutoPilot *Out of Stock*
Pool Pilot - Cells<br>Replacement Conversion Cells<br>For Salt-chlorine Generators<br>Made by: AutoPilot *Out of Stock*
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Base Price:  $382.00
Sale Price:  $304.82
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    Shipping within the Contiguous U.S. ONLY:
            Optional Installation Services
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This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock
Processing: 1-5 Business Days
Plus Transportation Time

    Super Cell

    Pool Pilot  - Replacement SuperCell™
    Pool Pilot's SuperCell™ is the electronic unit that makes your chlorine as salt particles pass by it during your normal filtration periods.

    Product Benefits: Extend the service life of your Pool Pilot by replacing the Conversion Cell instead of the entire unit.

    Product Features:
    Unique patented technology
    Titanium blades for optimum service life
    Automatic "soft-reverse polarity" cell cleaning
    Step-by-Step Factory Customer Support Help Line offering personal
    assistance with conversion cell maintenance 

    All Cell models come pre-assembled with a Patented Automatic Flow Bypass Manifold Assembly. The manifold must be located as the last component in the POOL RETURN LINE only. For pool/spa combinations or special plumbing configurations, please contact the factory for assistance in locating the manifold.

    The Patented Automatic Flow Controlled Manifold is designed to control the flow rate delivered to the production cell. The water in turn flows at a controlled rate through the cell where it is super chlorinated. The design of the Manifold simplifies the installation of the Autopilot Purifying System.

    Genuine OEM parts, not imitation.

    Manifold features include:

    Inline Strainer - The in-line Strainer protects the Tri-Sensor and
    • the Cell from debris that may by-pass the filter and obstruct either
    component. The location of the strainer in the connecting union
    makes it easy to remove for periodic cleaning.

    Tri-Sensor - The Tri-Sensor is a three way sensing device which
    measures flow, salt level, and cold water temperature. 

    Chlorine Production Cell - The cell produces 100% pure
    Sodium Hypochlorite in your pool plumbing returning it to your
    pool water. 

    Check Valve - The check valve in the Manifold allows all water
    flowing through the plumbing at a rate greater than 20 gallons per
    minute to bypass the production cell and maximize the production
    of chlorine.

    Product Warranty:
    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    download pdf Warranty

    Warranty only applies to these items when purchased from authorized dealers with AutoPilot. Solar Direct is an authorized dealer.

    Product Manufacturer: AutoPilot Systems, Inc.


    HELP » 
    Contact Customer Support
    Toll-Free help line offering product info and ordering support
    Online e-mail technical and installation support
     Product cost-of-operation evaluations and comparisons


    Model RC-35/22 - Previously Model SC36
    Model RC-42      - Previously Model SC48
    Model RC-52      - Previously Model SC60


    RC-35/22 Replacement Cell with Unions

    For pools up to 35,000 gallons
      when used with Digital, Soft Touch or Total Control Power Supplies.

    For pools up to 22,000 gallons
      when used with the Digital Nano or AG Power Supplies.

    RC-42 Replacement Cell with Unions
    For pools up to 42,000 gallons

    RC-52 Replacement Cell with Unions
    For pools up to 52,000 gallons

    Product Installation:
    Your Pool Pilot System is adaptable for use with either the RC-35/22, RC-42, or RC-52 residential cell. The SuperCell can be easily replaced, simply unplug the wiring cable and turn the two unions to remove, install the new cell, tighten unions and insert plug. 

    Product Service and Maintenance:
    The Cell is installed with Unions on each end of the cell to allow quick and easy removal. Loosen the unions and remove the cell from the plumbing.

    Visual Cell Inspection:
    The titanium Cell blades, seen inside the Cell body, should be straight and clear of any debris between the blades.
    Your Pool Pilot is designed to automatically self-clean calcium scale build up within the Cell. This is seen as a white flaky or crusty build-up on the edges or between the blades and will pre-maturely deplete the life of the cell. Certain conditions can cause a heavier scale build up that exceeds the self-cleaning capability and would need to be cleaned manually by the method described below.

    We recommend using Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus as a preventive additive to help soften and reduce the build-up of scale deposits in the cell. Lo-Chlor also reduces scale on exposed aggregate and new pool finishes and enhances chlorine production.

    Manual Cell Cleaning:
    With the Cell removed as described above, use a high-pressure hose nozzle to spray off as much loose scale and debris as possible.
    Any remaining calcium scale can be treated with a mixture of one (1) part Muriatic Acid into four (4) parts water.
    Mix the solution in a pail, high enough to cover the Cell blades.
    Remove the Cell cord and immerse the Cell so that the blades are completely covered in the solution for no more than 15 minutes intervals.
    Drain and flush with fresh water and re-inspect.
    Repeat the immersion if necessary.

    CAUTION: ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER, never water to acid.
    NEVER USE ANY SHARP OBJECTS TO REMOVE SCALE. Scraping or scratching the titanium blade’s edge or surface will allow chemical attack of the blade and cause premature failure of the Cell and will void your warranty.

    Filter Backwashing: We recommend turning off the circuit breaker on the Professional when backwashing the circulation.

     » Troubleshooting


    Our Star Rating system is the direct result of experience with well over 4000 actual units in the field in the homes of our customers.

    The criteria are:

    Quality of Materials and Workmanship
    Reliability and frequency of repairs
    Factory response to service or warranty issues
    Strength of the warranty
    Customer satisfaction
    Efficiency [verifiable rating certification by industry accepted test

    Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options.

Reviews This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock

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