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Titan SCR2 Tankless Water Heater for Point of Use Applications
N-42 / N-64 / N-75
N-85 / N-100 / N-120
   Model: SCR2
Titan SCR2 Tankless Water Heater for Point of Use Applications<br>N-42 / N-64 / N-75<br>N-85 / N-100 / N-120
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    Delivery Information:
    Please allow 3 to 10 business days for orders to be processed plus standard transportation delivery time.

    Titan tankless water heaterTitan SCR2
    Tankless Water Heater

    By heating water only as it is needed the Titan SCR2 Tankless Water Heater eliminates the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can reduce hot water costs up to 60% over conventional electric water heaters. The Titan SCR2's high efficiency is in part due to its dedicated analog microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second.

    This power control system analyzes the data and manages power usage for maximum efficiency and temperature stability. At rest, the Titan SCR2 uses no power at all.

    Available in seven models, the Titan SCR2 is ideal for a wide range of application. One Titan SCR2 unit can supply the hot water needs of home and apartments, and in some applications, energy saving can pay back unit cost in less than one year.

    Due to its shielded incoloy heating elements and copper & brass casing, the Titan SCR2 is ideal in any application where mineral deposits shorten the life of a conventional water heater.

    Titan SCR2 Specifications
    Compliance UL # 499
    Standards ANSI-Z
    Tested Applied Research Lab # 29-580
    Dade Approval # 97-0627.16
    Dimensions 7"W x 10” H x 2-3/4 D
    Weight 8lbs
    Materials Brass Casting
    Pipe Fitting 1/2" Standard Pipe
    Pressure Requirements 5 PSI-Min./150PSI-Max
    Voltage 220 VAC Std.(208/277 Avail.)
    Elements Dual Incolony/Nichrome
    Energy Efficiency Up to 99.5%
    Activation 0.4 GPM-on/0.3 GPM-off
    Indicators red-on/Amber-Stand by
    protection Dual Microtemp Thermofuse - Manual Resetable Thermostat

    Product Features:
    Enjoy endless showers
    Never run out of hot water
    Save up to 60% on water heating costs
    Compact design allows installation almost anywhere
    Quick and easy installation requiring no venting
    Space age NASA technology
    Environmentally friendly
    Quality made in the USA
    Industrial grade performance
    Serving the market since 1986

    Electrical Requirements

    Max Kw @ 220V


    Max Amps @ 220V

    N-120 11.8KW 220V 54
    N-100 10.8KW 220V 49
    N-85 8.5KW 220V 38
    N-75 7.5KW 220V 34
    N-64 6.4kW 220V 29
    N-42 4.2KW 220V 19
    N-10 3.2KW 110V 29*
    *N-10 uses 110 volts and will supply only warm water.

    Product Applications:
    Anywhere hot water is needed: Residential and Recreational: Houses, Apartments, Condominiums, Boats, Camps, Offices, Cottages, Barber Shops and Beauty Salons.

    Model Selection
    Places Models
    Houses N-120 / N-100
    Apartments N-100 / N-85
    Efficiencies N-85 / N-75
    Point of use

    N-64 / N-42 / N-10*

    * N-10 uses 110 volts and will supply only warm water. In areas with cold weather, always use the highest model.

    The chart above is only to be used as a general guide. Sizing must be based on the Temperature Rise chart below. 

    SIZING A TANKLESS HEATER: Temperature Rise & Flow Rates

    Temperature Rise:
    The temperature rise must be determined in order to help choose the appropriate heater. The rise can be determined by knowing the input water temperature and the desired output temperature of the heater.

    Temperature Rise Chart (° Fahrenheit)

    Flow Rate (GPM) N-120 N-100 N-85 N-75 N-64 N-42 N-10
    1 GPM








    1.5 GPM








    2 GPM








    2.5 GPM








    3 GPM








    3.5 GPM








    4 GPM








    Flow Rates:
    Along with the temperature rise, the flow rate must also be determined in order to choose the appropriate heater. The flow rate is determined by the type of faucet and also, life style. Refer to the chart below for typical faucet flow rates in the home. However, if the desired life style in the home requires running multiple faucets at the same time, then the flow rates must be added together to determine the peak flow demand. The heater(s) should be selected to match the peak flow rate.
    Below are typical flow rates for new residential construction. There may be exceptions with new designer type fixtures and faucets. For instance, large custom body spa showers whirl pool and Jacuzzi tubs may have faucets with flow rates ranging from 7 gpm to 14 gpm. However, a combination of multiple heaters [preferably plumbed in a parallel configuration] can be installed to match these higher flow rates. The same peak design approach would be necessary for the anticipated life style of multiple flow rates occurring at the same time. Otherwise, use the table below and match the heater according to the peak flow and associated temperature rise of a single tub or shower.

    Typical Flow Rates in Gallons per Minute [gpm]
    Fixture Type
    Kitchen Sink
    Pantry Sink
    Laundry Sink
    Flow Rates

    Product Warranty:
    10 years on casing, 1 year on components
    Titan Tankless Water Heater Warranty [Pdf format]

    Product Installation:
    Vertical Installation only.
    Click on the following for important installation information:
    Titan Tankless Water Heater Installation [Pdf format]

    Product Manufacturer: Niagra Industries, Inc.

    Hot Water Energy Conservation:
    One way to save on domestic hot water bills is to use Demand Type Water Heater. A conventional hot water system heats water in a tank to a specified temperature. As heat is lost from the tank, the water is reheated until it reaches the specified temperature again. For most of the day the water in the tank is not used, but it loses heat continually. Demand Water Heaters eliminate this problem by heating water only as hot water is drawn.

    Avg./gal. hot water per/usage
    Shower 20
    Bath 20
    Hands and face washing 4
    Shaving 2
    Hair Shampoo 4
    Hand dishwashing 4
    Automatic dishwashing 14
    Food Preparation 5
    Automatic Clothes Washer 32

    Click here for Water and Energy Conservation Tips 

    Twin Titan: The Power Of Two
    By combining two units in a parallel circuit you are able to effectively double the heating power of your tankless water heating system. This method is ideal in colder climates, where the incoming water temperature is below 50°F. Please consult with our installers for requirements.

    1. Water enters the system
    2. Valves in place for serviceability, convenience.
    3. Water entering the Titans is heated instantly.
    4. Heated water en route to load: showers, etc.
    5.6 AWG wire for Titan Heaters
    6. 60 AMP Double Pole Breakers

    Which is better, a Twin Titan setup or a single box housing two units inside?

    The Twin Titan setup provides Redundancy, a backup plan, if you will.
    • In a Twin Titan setup, if one unit needed to be serviced, you would be
    • able to remove that unit and send it in for service. All the while, the
    • other Titan will still be heating your water. In a single box housing two
    • units, you will need to completely remove the entire box and send it in
    • for repair, leaving you cold.
    The Twin Titan configuration has approximately 25% higher heating
    • capacity than the largest "single" box from the competition.
    Our Twin Titan configuration costs about 1/3 (one-third) less than the
    • competition's"single" box.
    The Titan has a proven and established track record. Since 1986 our
    • units have been heating the water in homes across the US and
    • abroad.


    HELP » 
    Contact Customer Support 
    Toll-Free help line offering sizing support
    Online e-mail technical and installation support


    Return Policy
    All Tankless Water Heaters are tested at the factory just prior to shipment. It is the customer's responsibility to determine if sufficient electrical capacity exists to install the water heater prior to placing the order [See Tankless Water Heater Installation Guide]. Unit sizing must be determined by the customer using the temperature rise chart based on the required flow rate.

    A 20% restocking fee will be applied to returns of new units in original packaging (see policy page for instructions). The shipping cost will not be refunded. Once the Tankless Heater has been installed it cannot be returned.  

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