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VT2322G13B020 Erie Motorized Check Valve 3/4 inch Threaded NPT Fitting
   Model: VT2322G13B020
VT2322G13B020 Erie Motorized Check Valve 3/4 inch Threaded NPT Fitting
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    Motorized Check Valve
    3/4 inch Threaded NPT Fitting

    Erie Check Valve  120 Vac
    Size  3/4 inch
    Material Body: Forged Brass
    Seat: Brass
    Stem: Nickel plated Brass
    Paddle: Highly saturated nitrile [VS], Buna n [VT]
    Fluid Temp. 32 to 200 ºF @ 104 Ambient ºF [0-93 ºC @ 40 ºC]
     300 psi [20.6 bar] 
    Seat Leakage ANSI IV 
    Cv [Kvs] 2.5 [2.2]
    Close Off
    Pressure psi
    40 [275]
    Normally Open/
    Normally Closed

    Product Applications:
    PopTop Series valve bodies and actuators provide easy installation for a variety of heating and cooling applications. Valve’s actuator can be installed after valve body has been installed onto fan coil, baseboard, plumbing or air handler. VS Series valves are available for low pressure steam applications.

    Product Function:
    Ideal for active solar systems to prevent thermosyphoning [backflow], prevents heat loss at night.

    A solar panel re-radiates heat on clear cold nights back into the sky.  This phenomenon, known as thermosyphoning, causes the water in the solar panel to cool and fall due to the laws of physics.  The hot water from the storage tank then begins to rise to displace the water in the panel.  This cycle continues naturally without any mechanical input from the pump.  If this process is not stopped, the temperature of the storage tank can drop dramatically overnight, sometimes resulting in a loss of 50 degrees or more.

    To prevent thermosyphoning, a check valve must be used in the return line from the panel back to the storage tank.  A mechanical check valve [spring or swing] can be used; however, they are highly prone to corrosion from poor quality water, and can easily stick open – defeating their purpose.  The best solution is to use a motorized positive seal valve.  Both Erie and Honeywell Motorized Check Valves provide excellent service life with a high quality product.

    Product Features:
    Direct replacement for all existing PopTop applications.
    Hysteresis synchronous motor for long life
    Spring return operation provides a fail-safe
    Valve body rated for 300 psi static pressure
    Available in a variety of voltages [110 volt standard]
    Actuator mounts directly onto valve body without need for
    linkages or calibration
    Manual override lever [normally closed only]
    Actuator can be replaced without any tools, or removal of valve
    from system
    VS Series available for low pressure steam

    Product Specifications:
    Erie Valve Model VT2322G13B020 [PDF format]
    VIEW » General Instructions [PDF Format]


    erie valve diagram

    The valve can be mounted in horizontal or vertical piping. When installed in horizontal piping, the actuator must be above the valve body. When installed in horizontal piping the actuator can be tilted left or right but it must not be tilted below 85° from vertical.


    HELP » Contact Customer Support
    Toll-Free help line offering product info and ordering support
    Online e-mail technical and installation support


    Inspect the package for damage. If package is damaged, notify the appropriate carrier immediately. If undamaged, open the package and inspect the device for obvious damage.
    Return damaged products.

    Tools [not provided]
    Wrench 1 to 1-5/8" [if threaded valve]
    Soldering equipment [if sweat fit] or flare
    Other accessories as appropriate

    Electrical shock hazard! Disconnect power before installation to
    prevent electrical shock or equipment damage.
    Make all connections in accordance with the electrical wiring
    diagram and in accordance with national and local electrical
    codes. Use copper conductors only.
    All conductors shall be provided with insulation rated for the
    highest voltage motor and end switch circuits.
    Avoid locations where excessive moisture, corrosive fumes,
    explosive vapors, or vibration are present.
    Avoid electrical noise interference. Do not install near large
    conductors, electrical machinery, or welding equipment.
    When making lead connections within the actuator, use caution
    not to put leads or connectors below the motor.

    Note »

    make certain there is no overhead water source that may drip
    onto valve actuator.
    In normal service, some condensation may occur on or around
    the valve. A drip pan may be necessary or the valve body may
    be insulated.

    These valves must be piped so the paddle closes against the direction of flow. Flow is from B to A. When installing the actuator to a normally closed valve, the actuator must be placed in the manually open position by using the manual operating lever. The first time the valve is operated electrically, the manual operating lever of the actuator will transfer to the automatic position. The manual operating lever can be used to allow flushing of the system after installation. The valves are designed for application in closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. High levels of dissolved oxygen and chlorine found in open systems may attack the valve materials and result in premature failure. Install over a drip pan if condensation in chilled water applications occurs.

    Note »
    Three-way valves always require a normally closed actuator.
    Three-way valves are always closed at the B port when
    no power is applied to the motor.
    On power-up the valve closes to A port on three-way valves.
    Orient the three-way valve body as needed for normally open or
    normally closed flow through coil.

    Sweat Connections:
    Do not solder with actuator in place, or with paddle against seat, as the heat can damage the unit. Before soldering, move the manual open lever into Open position then remove the actuator from the body. Orient paddle so it is not against a seat.
    Use lead or tin based solder with melting point below 600 °F. Do not overheat. Direct flame tip away from valve. Cool valve quickly with a wet cloth.
    Body assembly can be submerged for leak testing prior to attaching the actuator.

    Make sure the valve stem rotates freely before and after
    installing the actuator.
    If the stem does not operate freely it may indicate that the stem
    was damaged and may require that the valve be repaired
    or replaced.
     After the piping is under pressure, check the valve body and
    the connections for leaks.
     After the valve and actuator are installed, power the actuator
    and check the operation.

    PopTop Series are two position spring return valves. When powered, the actuator moves to the desired position, tensing the spring return system. When power is removed the actuator returns to the normal position.
    PopTop Series two position spring return valves can be purchased with an optional built-in auxiliary SPDT end switch for interfacing or signaling; for example, zone pump burner control.

    PopTop Series two position spring return valves are maintenance free. Replace defective modules. Actuator may be replaced without removing the valve.

    Regular maintenance of the total system is recommended to assure sustained, optimum performance.

    Replace any damaged or failed components with complete replacement unit.


    A typical solar domestic water heating system components and layout
    is shown below.


    Product Manufacturer: Schneider Electric (Previously Invensys Building Systems, Inc.)

    Delivery Information: Please allow 3 to 5 business days for
    orders to be processed, plus standard transportation delivery time.

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