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Goldline/Hayward AquaSolar Solar Pool Control System - Digital Controller, Valve, Actuator, Sensors. Package #3
   Model: ASC-PKG
Goldline/Hayward AquaSolar Solar Pool Control System - Digital Controller, Valve, Actuator, Sensors. Package #3
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    aqua solar control package

    Goldline/Hayward Microprocessor Solar Pool Control PACKAGE #3 –
    comprised of the Goldline Aqua Solar AQ-SOL-LV Controller, the
    Hayward 3-Way motorized automatic solar control valve,
    the Actuator model GVA-PKG, and the Goldline Pool Water and Roof
    Sensors model: PC-10K for use with Solar Control.

    Manufactured by Hayward, the Solar Pool Control Package#3
    is designed to offer the ultimate in overall performance, ease of
    operation, and value - for the unsurpassed experience in swimming
    and spa comfort!!!

    Top-of-the-line design, construction, and performance are the hallmark
    of the Goldline GL Series, Goldline/Hayward's premier line of swimming
    pool/spa solar heating system controls - a series where all the optimum
    features available today come as standard on the Goldline GL Series!

    The Energy SuperMarket’s top selling brand, the Goldline units earn
    a solid 5 star plus rating in our Consumer Value guide!

    Goldline units are backed by the only 5-year factory warranty
    in the industry. Plus The Energy SuperMarket offers the lowest on-line
    factory direct pricing available! Guaranteed


    The Goldline Control PACKAGE #3 - Individual Components: 

        • Aqua Solar AQ-SOL-LV Control • Hayward 3-Way Valve 
        • GVA-PKG Actuator • Goldline Pool Water and Roof Sensors

    AQ-SOL-LV Model 

    The AQ-SOL-LV unit utilizes the
    existing pool's circulation pump
    for solar heat pick-up. It works
    in conjunction with Hayward's
    3-Way Valve and Actuator
    model GVA-PKG, or with other
    manufacturer's valves. 

    The Hayward valve controls
    pool water circulation by the pool's
    filtration pump - either through the
    solar collectors, or bypassing the
    solar collectors.

    Specific Applications: Designed for both large residential and
    heavy-duty commercial pools in the large to Olympic-size pool heating
    range when the AQ-SOL-LV controller only needs a 3-Way Valve 
    Valve, or if a maintenance change-out or upgrade is required.

    Note: The unit has a front panel switch which provides for nocturnal pool
    cooling instead of heating. Cooling is used in conjunction with the pool's
    filtration pump being allowed to run during the early dawn, cooler hours.

    Installation Note: The AQ-SOL-LV is designed for outdoor use.
    For safety, the AQ-SOL-LV must be a minimum of 5 feet horizontally
    from pool or spa.

    VIEW » Technical Specifications: AQ-SOL-LV Control 

    Download » Operation and Installation Manual [Pdf Format]

    Download » Goldline Control Warranty [Pdf Format]

    Hayward valveHayward
    3-Way Valve

    The 3-Way valve works in conjunction with either of the Goldline controller models, and is remotely operated using the Goldline Actuator.

    When the controller is signaled by the sensors, and calls for solar heat pick-up, the Hayward valve immediately activates. The opening "diverter" valve then directs the flow of circulation through the solar collectors using the pool's filtration pump. 

    Hayward  3-Way Valves are designed to be totally maintenance free.

    Technical Specifications:
    The 3-Way Hayward valve is available in
    standard size 1 1/2" pool input to 2" solar system connection, or in
    the oversized 2" pool input to 2 1/2" solar system connection.

    1.5 inch I.D. / 2 inch O.D.  – Plumb 1.5” PVC pipe into the valve
    • outlet or put a 2” Fitting over the valve outlet.

    • 2 inch I.D. / 2.5 inch O.D.  – Plumb 2” PVC pipe into the valve
    • outlet or put a 2.5” Fitting over the valve outlet.  

    Hayward 3-Way Valves are designed to never leak, break, melt, slip,
    or lose pressure – even under the most demanding conditions. 

    Hayward Valve Features:
    • Designed for easy automation using Goldline 3-Way Actuator
    • Available in standard 1 1/2" - 2" and 2 - 2 1/2" sizes
    • Constructed of temperature and chemical resistant CPVC material

     Constructed using innovative port design for superior performance
    • Hayward 3-Way Valves are guaranteed for life
    • Do not leak, break, melt, slip, or lose pressure
    • Do not require lubrication, and may be mounted in
    • any position except upside down
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Note: For a positive solar shutdown, or service to collectors during
    pump operation cycle, an isolation ball or gate valve must be used on
    the feed line for positive shut off.


    Goldline Actuator - Model JVA-PKG
    Goldline Actuator for 
    Hayward 3-Way Valves 
    Model GVA-PKG

    Straightforward and uncomplicated
    to operate, Goldline's 3-Way Actuator
    is engineered to operate both 2-way
    and 3-way valves, and can be
    installed using only a screwdriver.

    An adjustable cam gives Goldline's
    actuator more flexibility than many of
    the other actuators on the market. 

    Offering the highest torque output
    in the industry, with 22 oz per inch
    for maximum valve control ability
    and top solar panel performance.

    Technical Specifications:
    The Goldline Actuator for 3-Way valves
    incorporates bi-directional design for installation flexibility, plus a
    180 degree rotation with 90 degree increments. Compatible for easy
    adaptation to 2- or 3-way valves. With energy-efficient design and
    universal sizing, the Goldline Actuator fits most valves. 
    Service Switch

    Unit includes service switch for quick service access [some models]. 
    The Goldline Actuator comes with 15 feet of heavy-duty cable
    prewired for installation. UL and CSA certification.
    Power Cord

    Assembly of Goldline Actuator to the Hayward 3-Way Valve

    In three easy steps the Actuator can quickly be attached to the top
    of the 3-Way Valve by any handy-person using a screwdriver: 

    1. Before attaching the Actuator to the 3-Way Valve, the Handle
    must be removed from the Valve. To remove the Handle, turn the
    thumb-screw by hand counterclockwise until removed, and then
    slide the Handle straight up and off the Valve Handle's spline. 
    removal of Handle

    2. Next determine the Actuator's proper orientation in relationship
    to the Valve's directional flow [per instruction manual]. Remove the
    four screws from the Valve body. Align the Actuator spline with the
    Valve spline, and push the Actuator onto the Valve spline. Use the
    four extra-long screws [included] to bolt the Actuator to the Valve
    where the four standard screws were removed. 
    assemble Handle

    3. Place the Valve's Handle onto the Actuator spline, and re-insert
    the thumb-screw turning clock-wise.

    The assembled units should resemble the image below.
    Note: The Valve could be in any one of three possible positions in 
    relationship to the Actuator, depending on the exact application.

    Assembled Units

    The diagram below shows a line drawing of the Actuator from a top
    view [left], and a side view [right] - with arrows indicating the four
    holes used in attaching the Goldline Actuator to the 3-Way Valve.

    asembled Top Left View

    The diagram below shows a line drawing of the assembled units;
    on top is the Handle retained on the shaft with the thumb-screw. 
    Next is the Actuator, and underneath is the Valve, joined together
    using a screwdriver with the four extra-long screws provided.
    Assembled Side View


    Goldline Pool Water or Roof Sensor - Model PC-10K
    Goldline Universal
    Pool Water or Roof Sensor
    Model PC-10k

    The Goldline PC-10k Sensor can be
    used with any solar control unit that
    requires 10k sensors. 

    This sensor has universal applications; 
    it can be used to measure solar heat on
    the roof, and also be used to measure
    temperature of the pool's water. 

    When used on the roof, it is placed in
    direct sunlight and mounted to the roof
    with a screw or adhesive. When used to
    measure pool water temperature, it is
    easily and quickly attached to the
    PVC pipe of the existing system.

    Technical Specifications: Attaching unit as a pool sensor to the
    PVC pipe requires drilling a hole in the PVC pipe, and using a standard 
    stainless steel hose clamp [purchased separately] to secure the
    sensor in place. 

    Product applications besides being included in this package are:
    1. Being used in conjunction with the Goldline Solar Controls Units -
        Models: GL-235 LV, GL-235 LV/HV, AQ-SOL-LV and AQ-SOL-LV-TC
    2. Being used as a replacement for the Goldline Solar Controls
        Package #2, #3, and #4


         HELP » Contact Customer Support 
         • Toll-Free help line offering unit selection and sizing support
         • Online e-mail technical and installation support


         • Goldline is clearly recognized as the world leader!

    Goldline Controls, previously known as Independent Energy, 
    has been the control industry leader since 1975.

    Since its inception, Goldline has produced in excess of 2,500,000
    electronic controls. Every control is conceived, designed, developed,
    and manufactured in-house.

    Goldline has pioneered all of the advances that make automatic
    control of solar heating systems easy, accurate, and reliable.
    The Goldline name is recognized the world over for superior quality,
    performance, and reliability. Every control manufactured goes through
    a series of multiple inspections and tests to ensure its integrity.

    Goldline has been awarded numerous product and design patents in
    recognition of the many unique, progressive, and evolutionary products
    produced, and is UL Listed for safety and performance.

    Goldline Controls is proud to note that due to the reliability and
    performance of its products, it is the predominate supplier of product
    into the solar pool heating market, earning 70%+ market share of
    the solar pool heating market!


       • Why Solar Controls dramatically enhance performance

    A Solar Control Unit needs to be included as an integral component
    of any solar system on an inground pool, or large above ground pool. 

    Solar Controls are essential for maximizing the solar performance of
    any pool solar systems - even if the geographical location is in a
    consistently high solar effectiveness area. 

    By accurately monitoring the available solar radiation and the pool's
    temperature, a Solar Control Unit directs the solar system to function
    only when it can add heat to the pool, resulting in capturing the most
    solar/cost savings benefit out of any solar system. 

    Solar Controls also offer the additional benefit of thermostatic control,
    so the temperature can simply be set and effortlessly maintained. 
    Just set it and forget it! 

    Using a Solar Control assures high-limit protection, restricting the
    solar system from heating the pool/spa beyond the set temperature,
    a nice safety precaution! The GL-235 Control is designed not to let
    pool/spa water exceed 102°F, unlikely for a pool but very possible
    for a spa. 

    The Aqua Solar thermostatic control can also be operated at night to
    cool the pool if it is in an area where pools become too warm from the
    sun on their own during the summer season. 


       • Logic of necessity for Solar Pool Control Package

    Pools heated by solar energy need to have an accurate controller
    for two primary reasons.

    Initially, it is vital for proper performance to maximize the utilization
    of the solar heat available by circulating water through the collectors
    when solar rays can be absorbed - and not circulating when heat
    could be lost through reverse process.

    The second reason for an accurate controller is to allow the pool
    owner/operator to automatically adjust and maintain the maximum
    temperature desired.

    This turn-key controller package is designed for a straightforward
    installation, dependable operation, and easy serviceability. 

    A solar pool heating system can dramatically reduce or eliminate
    the rising monthly gas or electric power costs by heating your pool
    with free, abundant energy from the sun.

    Several recent studies using sophisticated monitored sites provided
    data that proved automatic controls were definitely beneficial.

    And installing a Goldline do-it-yourself package results in an immediate
    and dramatic reduction or elimination of pool heating costs!


    Function: Goldline Package controls entire solar pool heating system
    Benefits: Maximizes your swimming pleasure!

    Product Applications:
    • The Aqua Solar ASC Electronic Solar Pool Controller Package
    • efficiently manages solar pool heating systems to operate at
    • peak efficiency - even under less than ideal weather conditions -
    • and includes everything needed for a complete do-it-yourself
    • installation except the electrical power connection
    • Designed to provide hassle-free management of both residential
    • and light-duty commercial pools
    • Excellent for high demand pools/spas at residential, condo, resort,
    • hotel, motel, health club, vacation home, etc.
    • Supplementing a solar pool heating system combined with
    • a Goldline Electronic Solar Pool Controller - together with a solar
    • pool cover greatly enhances total performance, plus reduces energy
    • costs up to 70 percent - thereby saving hundreds of dollars
    • per year in pool heating costs!

    Product Benefits:
    • Superior electronic control of pool/spa heating operation
    • Reduces process to simple knob setting operation
    • Highest system life expectancy; years of trouble-free service

    Product Features:
    • COMPLETE do-it-yourself friendly kit; average 3-5 hour installation
    • Easy to read installation manual; step-by-step diagrams
    • Installations feasible by handy-person with standard hand tools
    • Includes all necessary components needed for complete install
    • Microprocessor based = digital accuracy
    • Digital temperature display for pool, solar and auxiliary sensors
    • Large, enameled metallic enclosure
    • Re-circulate freeze protection [field selectable]
    • Nocturnal cooling [field selectable]
    • 120/240VAC input power
    • 24VAC low voltage output [for valve]
    • Ample interior wiring space - no need to access electronics
    • Calibrated control knob for precise maximum temperature
    • Solid stainless steel material used on solar sensor block
    • All-aluminum sensor block for pool water temperature
    • All-aluminum sensor block for collector simulation does not
    • need to be mounted on the collectors
    • Lightning strike arc absorbers for sensors

    • Proper kit selection supported by customer service agent
    • Installation supported by solar engineer tech assistance
    • Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support 

    Product Warranty:
    • 5-Year Limited Factory Warranty 
       The Aqua Solar AQ-SOL-LV Goldline Controllers carry 
       a five year warranty

    Download » Goldline Control Warranty [Pdf Format]

    Product Manufacturer:  Goldline/Hayward Pool Products


    Our Star Rating system is the direct result of experience with well over 4000 actual units in the field in the homes of our customers.

    The criteria are:

    • Quality of Materials and Workmanship
    • Reliability and frequency of repairs
    • Factory response to service or warranty issues
    • Strength of the warranty
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Efficiency (verifiable rating certification by industry accepted test
    • facility)
    • Longevity


         HELP » Contact Customer Support 
         • Toll-Free help line offering unit selection and sizing support
         • Online e-mail technical and installation support


    Note: All product performance tests and claims are that of the
    manufacturer, not The Energy Supermarket.

    Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options.

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