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Solar Pool Heater
VORTEX 4x8 Panels
Standard System Kit
   Model: PVT32XS
Solar Pool Heater<br>VORTEX 4x8 Panels<br>Standard System Kit
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Base Price:  $516.00
Sale Price:  $469.00
    Number of panels based on system requirements:
    Shipment Processing & Packaging:
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    Shipping based on delivery destination:
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    System Hardware Kit based on installation application:
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    Solar Pool Heater Sizing Calculator - determine the number of panels needed.

    Solar Pool Heater - VORTEX 4 x 8 Panels

    The Energy SuperMarket's best selling swimming pool heater,
    the superior quality design of VORTEX earns it 5 star plus rating
    in our Consumer Value guide!

    Plus... The Energy SuperMarket offers the lowest on-line factory
    direct pricing available! Guaranteed. And VORTEX systems are
    backed by the best factory warranty in the industry!!!


    Standard System Kit - VORTEX Panels

    Vortex Panels - Quality Solar Collectors:
     Industrial grade polypropylene plastic
     Carbon black - superior absorption
     UV Inhibitors - prevents deterioration

    Solar Pool Heater VORTEX 4x12 Panels Standard System Kit
    comes with required number of 4'x12' panels, plus all connecting and
    mounting hardware necessary for panel installation.

    Ideal for replacing existing systems, or add your own plumbing and control components to construct a new system.

    Note: Deluxe or Premium models offer more inclusive kits that incorporate plumbing and control components.

    Each Standard System Kit includes the required number of Panel Kits,
    1 Row Kit, and the required length of Hold-Down Strap [not shown].

    VORTEX Panel Kits

    Vortex Panel Kit includes the necessary parts required to connect panels together, and mount them onto various roof surfaces types [shingle, wood shake, metal, and tile], or ground rack system. For High Wind areas, please click here.      

    Mounting directly to the ground requires several additional
    specialized hardware components [call for information].

    One Vortex Panel Kit is also required each time a Row Kit,
    Split Kit, or Double Row Kit is used.

    Panel Kit includes:
     2 - 1.5"x3" Rubber Couplings; used for connecting the 
            panel headers together in a series  
     5 - #32 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps; used for sealing 
            Rubber Couplings to panel headers
     4 - Header/Strap Stainless Steel Clips; used for fastening 
            panel and strap to roof or rack.
     4 - #14  1/4"x1.5"  3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws; 
            used for fastening Stainless Steel Clips to roof 

      Polyester Woven Strap for mounting solar panels onto roof or rack

    Concrete Tile or Wood/Metal Rack applications include:
    Appropriate screws will be substituted for each kits standard 
    Stainless Steel Screws described above - based on customer
    requirements that are chosen in dropdown selection box at
    top of this page entitled "System Hardware Kit/applications"

     Shingle, Metal or Modified/Rolled Roofs or Pressure Treated
    • Wood Frame Racks, use standard kit screws:
             #14 - 1/4" x 2" - 3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws
     Barrel or Flat Concrete Tile or Concrete Roofs, substitute:
             #14 - 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 5/16" Tapcon Hex Head Screws
     Aluminum or Steel Frame Racks, substitute:
             #14 - 1/4" x 1" - 7/16" Hex Head Bolts and Locking Nuts

     2" system plumbing is standard; 1½" kits by request.

    Note: Vortex Panel and Row Kits can be used on most other brands of solar panels equipped with 1.5" I.D. headers. For systems or parts for panels with 2" headers, click here.

    VORTEX Row Kits

    Vortex Row Kit includes the necessary parts required to
    complete the proper functioning of each system.

    Capping off the one unused header opening at the end
    of a panel row [or rows], plus providing a mechanical release
    of vacuum buildup during draining of system is critical to
    the correct basic engineering dynamics.

    Row Kit includes:
     1 - End Plug; used for plugging un-used panel header outlet
     2 - 1.5" CPVC* Panel Adapters; used for connecting to panel
     2 - 1.5"x2" PVC Reducer Bushings; used with Panel Adapter to 
            increase to 2"
     2 - 2" PVC Couplings; used with Bushings to connect 2" PVC
            pipe together 
     1 - 1.5" Vacuum Breaker Kit; used to automatically release vacuum 
     1Panel Kit; hardware required to finish row.

    Note: *CPVC withstands high temperatures and requires All purpose
    CPVC glue. If PVC glue is used, it may result in leakage.


          Vortex Solar Pool Heaters are designed to maximize your swimming pleasure by using solar energy to gently warm your pool by capturing the sun’s natural heat. Solar power is a highly efficient, non-polluting alternative energy source that requires zero operating costs. Solar pool heaters perform well worldwide - even in cooler climates, require little to no maintenance, and a Vortex System typically lasts 15 to 20 years.

          A properly sized Vortex Solar System will raise your pool's water temperature into the 80 degree range. In addition to warming the water, your swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 50 percent, plus solar performs year round in warmer climates. 

          View Customer Installations and Testimonials


          VIEW » Ground Rack Diagram PDF Format
          Specification diagram for optional ground rack

          HELP » Contact Customer Support 
          Toll-Free help line offering unit sizing support
          Online e-mail technical and installation support

          VIEW » Online Comparison Guides 
          Brand and cost-of-operation comparisons 
          Side-by-side heating system comparison guide  


          Function: Warms pool to 80-85° plus extends swimming season
          Benefits: Maximizes your swimming pleasure!

          Product Applications:
          Standard Kit designed to replace existing solar panels
          Project feasible for handy-person using basic hand tools
          Kit intended for both in-ground and above ground pools
          All standard kits suited for residential and commercial
          System panels can mount to roof, ground, or ground rack
          Installs on all roof types: shingle, wood shake, metal, and tile
          Custom size panels can be special ordered [call for pricing] 

          Systems can be installed on multiple or complex roof layouts 
            and be designed to turn a corner onto another roof section 
            Order: Split Kits for above specifications

          Panel rows can be split to circumvent obstacles on roof 
            Order: Split Kits for above specification

          Different size panels can be combined to accommodate  
            various roof shapes 
            Order: Split Kits for above specification 

          Panels can be installed in multiple rows above one other 
            on the same roof or rack mounting system
            Order: Double Row Kits for above specification 

          Product Features:

          Do-it-yourself friendly kit; average one day installation
          Easy to read installation manual; step-by-step diagrams
          Includes all necessary components needed for project
          Higher heat than standard operating temperatures of 80-85
            degree range can be achieved by simply adding more panels

          10-Year Full-Replacement Factory Warranty
          Highly efficient nonpolluting alternative energy source
          Generates free heat - worldwide, even in colder climates!
          Zero operating costs; requires little to no maintenance
          System utilizes existing pool pump to circulate water
          Swimming season extended up to 50% in cool climates
          Effective systems perform year round in warm climates
          System rated to resist hurricane force 120mph wind load

          Proper kit selection supported by customer service agent
          Installation supported by solar engineer tech assistance
          Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support

          Product Specifications:
          VORTEX - highest quality pool heater in the solar industry
          Backed up with best customer warranty offered today
          Panels designed to exceed commercial grade specifications
          Severe-duty construction 30% heavier than industry average
          Highest panel life expectancy; typically lasts 15-20 years
          Combines high flow rates with low system pressure allowing
             maximum transfer of heat while reducing strain on pump
          Note: Standard Kit is designed for replacement panel change-outs on existing systems. It only comes with the required number of 4'x8' panels and accompanying hardware kits needed for basic panel assembly, connecting, and mounting. The Standard Kit can also be used as a foundation starter kit for straightforward installations requiring minimal engineering and plumbing.

          IMPORTANT NOTE: The average skilled handy person can easily manage a basic panel change-out, but using a Standard Kit for a new installation is only recommended for an experienced tradesperson. Deluxe or Premium Kits are designed specifically to accommodate do-it-yourselfers and highly recommended for most residential installations.
                STANDARD KIT PART LIST
                QTY Description
                4'x8' Vortex Solar Panels
                PANEL KIT - For connecting panels together and for mounting panels on roof or rack. Number of Panel Kits included is determined by number of panels purchased. Each Panel Kit includes:
                QTY Description
                2 1.5" x 3" Rubber Couplings; used for connecting the panel headers together in a series
                5 #32 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps; used for sealing Rubber Couplings to panel headers
                4 Header/Strap Stainless Steel Clips; used for fastening panel and strap to roof or rack.
                4 Screws for fastening Stainless Steel Clips to roof:

                Shingle, Metal, Modified or Rolled Roofs or Pressure Treated Wood Rack:  #14 - 1/4" x 2" - 3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws.

                Barrel or Flat Concrete Tile, or Concrete Roofs: #14 - 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 5/16" Tapcon Hex Head Screws.

                Aluminum or Steel Frame Racks: #14 - 1/4" x 1" - 7/16" Hex Head Bolts and Locking Nuts.
                  Polyester Woven Strap for mounting solar panels onto roof or rack
                Number of Panel Kits included is determined by number of panels purchased.

                Mounting directly to the ground requires several additional specialized hardware components: call for information.
                ROW KIT - One required for each row of panels. Connects PVC Plumbing to panels. Each Row Kit includes:
                QTY Description
                1 End Plug; used for plugging un-used panel header outlet
                2 1.5" CPVC* Panel Adapters; used for connecting to panel outlet
                2 1.5" x 2" PVC Reducer Bushings; used with Panel Adapter to increase to 2"
                2 2" PVC Couplings; used with Bushings to connect 2" PVC pipe together
                1 1.5" Vacuum Breaker Kit; used to automatically release vacuum
                1 Panel Kit; hardware required to finish row.
                Number of Row Kits included is determined by number of panels purchased.

                *CPVC withstands high temperature and requires All purpose CPVC glue. If PVC glue is used, it may result in leakage.

                High Wind Areas Note:
                These are standard kits used throughout the USA and the world and include standard mounting hardware. Areas that have high wind zones may require upgraded/additional hardware to meet local codes; see SuperClips and speak to a Solar Direct representative about upgrade requirements.  Depending on your jurisdiction, your installation may require a permit from the Building Department; Solar Direct can provide standard submittals, or custom layouts if required – engineering fees may apply.

                Product Manufacturer:  Pool Heating Distributors 

                Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options. Due to high demand between March and August, extended processing time may occur; allow up to 21 business days for order processing. Due to the size and weight of this item, expedited shipping is usually prohibitive; call for quotation.

                *Shipment Processing & Packaging: 

                Every effort will be made to fulfill expedited orders; however, expedited processing or expedited shipping is not guaranteed. If the expedited processing or expedited shipping deadline is missed, the additional expedited processing or expedited shipping surcharge will be refunded. Refunds for delays resulting in missed deadlines on expedited processing or expedited shipping orders will be limited to the amount of the expedited charge only. 

                IMPORTANT Delivery Note:
                Delivery truck driver will require handling assistance to be provided by purchaser when unloading unit from truck. Liftgate service available at an additional fee.
                 Click here for information on Warnings and Notices about the delivery and unpacking of your kit.


                Our Star Rating system is the direct result of experience with well over 4000 actual units in the field in the homes of our customers.The criteria are:
                Quality of Materials and Workmanship
                Reliability and frequency of repairs
                Factory response to service or warranty issues
                Strength of the warranty
                Customer satisfaction
                Efficiency [verifiable rating certification by industry accepted test

              Reviews In Cart

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