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Seisco Tankless Electric Water Heater 4 Chamber Model: CA-32, 240 Volt - FREE SHIPPING
Sales final, no return or refunds
   Model: CA-32
Seisco Tankless Electric Water Heater 4 Chamber Model: CA-32, 240 Volt - FREE SHIPPING<br>Sales final, no return or refunds
Base Price:  $866.70
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    seisco tankless heaterSEISCO Tankless
    Electric Water Heater
    Model CA-32
    240 Volt

    The tankless water heater that others can only claim to be!

    After 14 years of research and testing, the SEISCO, whose technology has earned its developer 5 separate U.S. and many additional foreign patents, is recognized as the STANDARD for all tankless water heaters.

    The SEISCO tankless water heater has earned International recognition for providing the highest level of temperature control performance, reliability and safety in its operation over any tankless water heater anywhere in the world today.
    download pdf Seisco Warranty

    The CA-32 isSeisco's largest commercial model for providing a continuous supply of hot water for as long as you need it. Ideal for commercial applications such as, specialty restaurants, convenience stores, salons, and pet-grooming shops. Perfect for commercial applications such as, specialty restaurants, convenience stores, salons, and pet-grooming shops. Can be used for multiple lavatories, or to serve a cafeteria kitchen or shower stalls. This on-demand tankless water heater is a powerful replacement for traditional tank-type heaters and is the enabling technology for use as back-up to active renewable energy systems such as solar and geothermal water heating systems. The temperature activated control works effectively in re -circulating systems and in combination with tank-type heaters. A minimum of 200 AMP, whole -house electrical service is recommended.

    UL 499 Approval Listing for Water Heating Applications
    Works with tubing and manifold systems
    No minimum flow activation required
    Built-in DSM Utility Integration option
    Compatible with Home Energy Management Systems
    No moving parts
    Very small & compact
    Light weight modular construction
    No restriction to flow
    Standard 3/4 inch plumbing connections
    Microprocessor digital control
    Power sharing & variable power control technology
    Continuous venting
    Heats continuously only when needed, no storage
    Redundant safety devices
    High performance polymer nylon chamber material
    Built-in Leak detector and alarm
    Rust & corrosion resistant

    High Efficiency Compact Design
    -Commercial models provide unlimited hot water while operating within their designed gallons per minute range, immediately heating water when a hot water outlet is opened. Seisco models install inside closets, or on almost any wall. Water is only heated on demand, virtually eliminating standby heat loss and providing over 99% efficiency.

    Microprocessor Control-On-board computer logic controls temperature through a modified proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control scheme. The control also provides self-diagnostics, signal the need for maintenance in case of a water leak inside the heater, incorporates an optional switch for local on/off power interuption, and intelligently controls power distribution to the heating elements while continuously monitoring critical functions in order to shut down the water heater if a failure occurs.

    PowerShare• Technology-Patented power distribution control technology utilizes computer algorithms and electronic triacs with patented cooling technology to pulse power on and off to all heating elements resulting in uniform temperature modulation between 1-100% of the element•s range. PowerShare along with constantly flowing water across heating elements ensure that heating elements operate at the lowest possible temperature. When the elements are turned off, low sheath temperature prevents boiling minerals out of the water causing buildup on the heating elements, prolonging element life. PowerShare also eliminates electrical disturbances in the home from the water heater, such as flickering lights.

    Thermistor Temperature Sensing-Five thermistors continuously monitor inlet/outlet water temperature and the water temperature in each heating element chamber. Outlet water temperature is factory set to 120•F and is field adjustable between 90-145•F. In addition, water flow is sensed using the same thermistors, eliminating the need for troublesome flow switches.

    Heating Elements-Industry standard 1 •• hex head, direct immersion, heating elements utilize PowerShare technology to help eliminate scale build-up and prolong element life far beyond that of tank type water heaters. If an element fails, a replacement can be purchased from virtually any plumbing distributor.

    Redundant Safety Features-Two water level sensors are located at the top of the water heater•s chambers to prevent powering on the heating elements if sufficient water is not detected inside the water heater. In addition, two safety cutoff switches, one manual and one automatic reset, shut down power to the heating elements should an unsafe condition occur.

    Built-in Leak Detector and Alarm-A switch located inside the water heater•s cover along the bottom of the mounting plate activates an alarm when contacted by water.

    Service Button/LED Light/Speaker-While on the phone with a Microtherm technician, the service agent pushes a service button in order to activate an audible diagnostic sequence. The service agent can also diagnose a problem through observing an LED that indicates service issues through a series of flashes.

    Rust and Corrosion Resistant Engineering Composite Material- All water passages are constructed of a high temperature resistant DuPont• resin. Grades of the same resin family, but with lower properties, are so strong that they are used as the •header• for automobile radiators. Ability to resist extreme temperature changes far above those found inside Seisco models and superior chemical resistance make DuPont•s engineering composite material the ideal material for Seisco•s commercial tankless electric water heaters.

    Continuous Venting Design-As water is heated, dissolved gases are released. Tiny bypass air passages at the top of each water chamber allow air and dissolved gases to exit unnoticed through the hot water outlet as hot water is being used.

    Optional Demand Side Management Connection- Allows connection of an on/off control to the water heater (specify this option when ordering).

    Cleanout Plates-Should sediment such as sand or silt from the water supply accumulate inside the water chambers, removable plates sealed with reusable gaskets allow access for cleaning without disconnecting wires or removing the heating module and control board.

    •• Non-Ferrous Inlet/Outlet Connections-Factory installed •• MNPT thermoplastic nipples allow easy plumbing connections and eliminate the need for dielectric fittings

    Heavy Gauge Steel Mounting Panel-Modular water passages, the control board, and other components are assembled and then mounted to a heavy gauge steel back panel that includes four tabs with rubber feet for mounting the unit to the wall. A decorative plastic cover encloses all components.

    •• Electrical Conduit Connection-Standard •• electrical conduit connections allow fast wiring of the water heater.

    Code Approvals-UL/CUL 499/64, HUD Mobile Home, ISRAEL, NOM, and NEC. Hydrostatically tested to 300 psi.


    Heat Output (max.) 109,211 BTU
    Power Rating (max.) 32KW
    Voltage Rating (Nominal) 240 VAC
    Current Rating (max.) 133 AMPS
    Energy Factor 0.99+
    Heating Elements 8000 watts x 4
    Circuits Required Four (4), 2-wire w/ ground*
    Breakers Required Four (4), double-pole*
    Breaker Size 40 AMPS each x 4*
    Temp. Output (dial) 90F to 130F (32C - 52C)**

    *Optional two (2), 75 AMP circuit supply • Check with manufacturer for jumpers that must be installed on control board for this option.
    **Temp. output dial Factory set to 120F (49C).
    ***T&P Relief Valve not required by Mfg.

    Flow Ratings
    Rise (Deg F) @ Flow (GPM)
    109 F @ 2.0 GPM
    87 F @ 2.5 GPM
    73 F @ 3.0 GPM
    55 F @ 4.0 GPM
    Rise (Deg C) @ Flow (L/Min.)
    57 C @ 8 L/min
    46 C @ 10 L/min
    38 C @ 12 L/min
    29 C @ 16 L/min


    Dimensions: Mounting Holes:
    Weight: 23 lbs (10.4 kg) •A• Mount: 14 •• (362 mm)
    Height: 15 •• (400 mm) •B• Mount: 16 1/8• (410 mm)
    Width: 15 •• (400 mm)
    Depth: 6 •• (159 mm) Approvals:
    Fittings: •• (200 mm) U.L. CSA NSF HUD NEC

    MOREAdditional Product Information

    Product Manufacturer: Seisco


    HELP•Contact Customer Support
    Toll-Free help line offering product info and ordering support
    Online e-mail technical and installationsupport


    Return Policy
    All Tankless Water Heaters are tested at the factory just prior to shipment. It is the customer's responsibility to determine if sufficient electrical capacity exists to install the water heater prior to placing the order [See Tankless Water Heater Installation Guide]. Unit sizing must be determined by the customer using the temperature rise chart based on the required flow rate.

    A 20% restocking fee will be applied to returns of new units in original packaging (see policy page for instructions). The shipping cost will not be refunded. Once the Tankless Heater has been installed it cannot be returned.

    Delivery Information: Please allow 2 - 12 business days plus standard transportation delivery time.

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