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AT140WH AquaTherm Whisper Heat Pump Pool Heater with Titanium Heat Exchanger. 140,000 BTUs *Out of Stock*
   Model: AT140WH
AT140WH AquaTherm Whisper Heat Pump Pool Heater with Titanium Heat Exchanger. 140,000 BTUs *Out of Stock*
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This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock
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Plus Transportation Time

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT115

    AT140WH Whisper Heat - AquaTherm Heat Pump Pool Heater with Rifled Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger

    140,000 BTUs

    Whisper Heat Line are the quietest units built and have increased efficiency and heat output. Whisper Heat models integrate an insulated sound barrier to reduce compressor noise and the unique "batwing" fan blade further reduces noise levels.

    Our Star Rating system is the direct result of experience with well over 4000 units in the field in the homes of our customers. The criteria are:

    Longevity: Quality of Materials and Workmanship
    Reliability and frequency of repairs
    Factory response to service or warranty issues
    Strength of the warranty
    Customer satisfaction
    Efficiency: Verifiable certification by industry accepted test facility 
    Certified COP and output ratings

    Companies that have their products tested by credible industry accepted third parties receive the highest marks. Companies that publish high efficiency numbers but do not meet our standard of excellence will receive lower star ratings.

    When a product has a low rating, ask your representative why this low rating has been given.

    The Energy SuperMarket’s top selling brand, the AquaTherm Series consistently outsells all other manufacturers combined, and earns a 5 star plus rating in our Consumer Value guide!

    Now with Eco-Friendly  R410-A Refrigerant
    Does not affect the Ozone Layer!

    The AquaTherm TITANIUM Series – manufactured by Calorex, is designed to offer the highest possible overall cost effective operation and value - for the ultimate in swimming and spa comfort, with the added protection, durability, and value of Titanium!!!.

    Top-of-the-line design, construction, and performance are the hallmark of the TITANIUM Series, AquaTherm's premier line of swimming pool and spa heat pumps - a collection of heat pumps where all the optimum features available today - come as standard on the TITANIUM Series!!!

    AT140WH Applications:
    •  For residential and commercial pools

    AT140WH Features:
    •  Digital Controls
    •  Digital Microprocessor
    •  Rifled Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger
    •  Corrosion resistant oversized evaporator coil
    •  Sound insulated scroll compressor
    •  Ultraviolet light protected ABS plastic cabinet
    •  Whisper quiet batwing fan blade     

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT140

    Digital Controls

    •  Pool / Spa temperature settings

    •  Temperature setting lock out

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT140

    Digital Microprocessor

    •  Seamlessly interfaces with all pool / spa automation systems

    •  Smart defrost control works down mid to low 40° F

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT140

    Rifled Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger

    •  Ultimate protection against corrosion from pool chemical imbalance

    Corrosion resistant

    •  Oversized evaporator coil

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT140

    Sound insulated scroll compressor

    •  High efficiency

    •  One moving part

    •  Reduced noise level

    Ultraviolet light protected ABS plastic cabinet

    •  Will not rust, crack or corrode

    •  Molded fan cowling maximizes across air coil and reduces noise

    Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Aquatherm - AT140

    Whisper quiet batwing fan blade

    •  Perfectly matched with fan motor

    •  Provides quiet operation

    OPTIONAL Grid External Flow Switch
    If the heater is installed above or below the pool water level by more than 3 feet you may require an external water flow switch. See page 7 (section C #8) of the installation manual for information and a diagram


    Product Warranty:  » Aquatherm Warranty

    15 Years on Titanium Heat Exchanger against corrosion
    Full 7 years on all parts
    Full 2 years on labor

    Proper unit sizing/selection supported by customer service agent
    DIY Installation supported by engineering tech support
    Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support
    Worldwide shipping available – delivered to your doorstep
    Lowest factory direct pricing available anywhere! Guaranteed.

    Aquatherm AT140WH Specifications

    Florida Rating @ 80º F*
    ARI Stand. 1160 Rating @80 F
    US Average Rating @ 50º F
    Heat Exchanger
    Rifled Titanium
    1 PH
    Min/Max Breaker
    Minimum Circuit Ampacity
    Min/Max Water Flow
    30/70 GPM
    35"L x36"W x41"H
    Shipping Weight (approximately)
    312 lbs.
    Decibels (dB)
    For Pool Sizes
    16x32 to 18x36
    For Surface Area (sq ft)
    512 - 648
    *Outside the scope of ARI Standard 1160
    ** Rated in accordance with ARI Standard 1160


    download pdf Aquatherm Owner's Manual
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    download pdf Aquatherm Whisper Brochure
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    download pdf Aquatherm Whisper Specifications
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    download pdf Aquatherm Warranty
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    NOTE: Supplementing a heat pump with a pool cover greatly enhances its performance, plus reduces energy costs up to 70 percent - saving hundreds of dollars per year in heating costs!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Proper sizing of a unit's performance attributes is critical to assure total customer satisfaction.

    For a precise sizing of unit output that accurately matches or exceeds performance requirements, please consult a customer service agent to request a computerized sizing analysis, or simply complete one of the Online System Sizing Guides directly below.


    HELP » Contact Customer Support
    Toll-Free help line offering unit sizing support
    Online e-mail technical and installation support

    PRINT » Pool Heater Sizing Analysis Survey
    Fill out, print and fax this form to 800-897-6527 and our
    engineers and consultants will prepare a free cost of
    operation and pool heater sizing analysis.


    Cutting edge philosophy from the industry’s leading manufacturer!

    is the world’s original manufacturer of pool/spa heat pumps,
    yet totally dedicated to high tech development, with the experience
    necessary to combine top performance with severe-duty durability,
    and deliver both at a price equal to or below other manufacturers!

    Calorex believes the greatest value a heat pump provides the pool
    owner is to maximize your swimming pleasure by delivering a warm
    pool or hot spa at the lowest possible cost of operation.


    The AquaTherm TITANIUM Heat Pump The Ultimate Unit

    Designed with premium marine grade protection from atmospheric
    saltwater corrosion, the AquaTherm unit delivers an iron-clad warranty
    to back it up. AquaTherm not only outlasts, but out-performs virtually
    all other makes and models!

    An AquaTherm heat pump will effortlessly raise your pool's temperature
    into the 80-90 degree range. In addition to warming the water, the
    swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as
    50%, plus an AquaTherm unit performs year round in warmer climates.

    AquaTherm performs worldwide - even in cooler climates, requires little
    to no maintenance, and an AquaTherm unit typically lasts 15 - 20 years,
    often much longer!

    Operating efficiently during colder weather conditions is the true test
    of a unit’s performance. AquaTherm designs heat pumps to obtain
    maximum BTUs at the very highest efficiency possible, and in
    the widest range of weather conditions.


    The TITANIUM Series
    Standard Feature Complete Details:

    Superior Technology – Over 25 years in development and testing,
    the AquaTherm unit provides residential or commercial customers with
    advanced design breakthroughs in efficiency of operation/performance.

    Innovation – AquaTherm’s exclusive design is the only heat pump
    on the market that incorporates a Receiver Tank with its compressor.
    This unique device prolongs the life of the compressor while protecting
    it from damage during start up, and even in cold weather operation, by
    preventing damaging liquid refrigerant from backing up in the system.

    Computer Controls – Total pool/spa automation compatibility
    is entirely integrated using Digital Logic™ Dual Thermostat Controls;
    no other add-on controls required. All-digital technology provides a
    "Plug and Play" style installation, eliminates day-to-day operational
    hassles, and makes enjoying your pool/spa combination a breeze!

    Plus, the electronics of the entire TITANIUM Series line are automation
    ready to interface with all popular third-party brands of pool/spa
    computer control devices.

    AquaTherm’s extreme-duty high tech electronics feature a computer
    controlled key pad, along with temperature, status, and self-diagnostic
    LED readouts.

    Options include time clock overrides, hot gas defrost, 3 phase power,
    plus a heat/cool mode for chilling the temperature of naturally over
    heated pool water.

    Titanium Heat Exchanger – Patented ThermoLink™ technology
    insures state-of-the-art performance with a water management system
    specifically designed to maximize surface contact of pool water - the most important factor in determining the efficiency of your heat pump.

    Constructed with the legendary Industrial Grade Titanium Alloy heat
    exchangers found exclusively in the TITANIUM Series units; designed for
    extreme internal resistance to corrosive pool chemicals, defends against
    deterioration 100 times more effectively, plus a unique coating insures
    exterior protection to the exchanger from unit condensation and outdoor
    environmental corrosion.

    Copeland ZR Series Scroll Compressor™ – Featuring the ultra quiet
    ZR Series. Designed for heavy-duty commercial use, the ZR Series is
    the largest scroll compressor ever offered for use in residential units.

    The Copeland Corporation, America's largest compressor manufacturer,
    produces the most technologically advanced, longest lasting and energy
    efficient compressors available on the market today.

    Computer ProgrammingThe Titanium Series features the
    exclusive "Smart and Cycless" program which protects from damaging
    false water pump start-ups.

    Quality ControlEvery individual component is quality inspected
    and tested to insure proper function and durability under the most
    severe service and weather conditions.


    Warms pool to 80-90° plus extends season
    Benefits: Maximizes your swimming pleasure!

    Product Applications:

    Residential to light duty commercial pool/spa installations
    Do-it-yourself project; average three to five hour installation
    Change-out feasible by handy-person with standard hand tools
    Easy to read step-by-step detailed installation manual
    Excellent for high demand pools/spas at residential, condo, resort,
    hotel, motel, health club, vacation home, etc.
    Supplementing a heat pump with a solar pool cover greatly enhances
    its performance, plus reduces energy costs up to 70 percent -
    thereby saving hundreds of dollars per year in pool heating costs!

    Product Benefits:
    Highly efficient nonpolluting alternative energy
    System utilizes existing pool pump to circulate water
    Swimming season extended up to 50% in cool climates
    Effective systems perform year round in warm climates
    Heats spa to toasty 104 degrees - maximum legal limit
    One-touch effortless switching between pool and spa
    Superior digital control of pool/spa heating operation
    Reduces process to simple keypad operation
    Unsurpassed quality, dependability, performance
    Eliminates timer adjustments and spa use hassles
    Maximum efficiency in cool climate/weather conditions
    Highest unit life expectancy; years of trouble-free service


    heat pump pad

    Use a Hef-T-Pad as a support base for your
    outdoor heat pump. Free shipping when
    purchased with heat pump.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The average skilled handy person can easily
    manage a basic unit change-out or new installation.

    For installations which require new electrical service, hiring an electrical contractor is recommended.


    Helpful Links:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a Heat Pump work?

    How will a Heat Pump perform?

    Cost of Operation


    What size do I need?
    Sizing of a heat pump pool heater is based on the pool's surface area, geographic location, environmental conditions such as shading, wind, blanketing against night time heat losses, and more. Please complete, print and fax sizing form to 800-897-6527 and our engineers and consultants will prepare a free cost of operation and pool heater sizing analysis.

    Can I install it myself?
    Each model of heat pump can be installed by the handyman, although it is strongly recommended that the electric hookups be made by a professional contractor. It typically takes less than a day to have a heat pump installed and running. Installation manuals are included with each Heat Pump. 

    Aquatherm Installation Manual

    Energy Rating and Efficiency
    Pool/Spa heat pumps are rated on B.T.U. output and C.O.P. efficiency:

    B.T.U. [British Thermal Units] is the measured amount of heat output the unit will produce. The B.T.U. output will fluctuate with the outside air temperature and humidity levels.

    C.O.P. [Coefficient Of Performance] is the measured ratio of kilowatt usage compared to the kilowatt output.

    Aquatherm heat pumps produce between 6.3* and 5.4** kilowatts for every one kilowatt used to operate it, therefore every $1.00 spent in operation returns $6.30 to $5.40 worth of heat. The C.O.P. efficiency will fluctuate with outside air temperature and humidity levels.

    In 23 years of testing, Aquatherm has focused on obtaining the highest efficiency possible. A pool heat pump can be charged with refrigerant in such a way that will increase the BTU output at the "optimum" or "easy" weather conditions but, the efficiency [or cost of operation] will be sacrificed, especially in colder "tougher" weather conditions. A unit with a C.O.P. of 1 point less can cost 20+% more to operate than the Aquatherm.

    Operating efficiently during colder weather conditions is "where the rubber meets the road" so to speak. Aquatherm designs their heat pumps to obtain the maximum BTU, but only at the very highest efficiency possible in a wide range of weather conditions.

    The greatest value a heat pump provides a pool owner is to deliver a warm pool or hot spa at the lowest possible cost of operation.


    Product Manufacturer: Calorex AquaTherm, CCL

    Product Claims: All product performance tests and claims are that of the manufacturer, not The Energy Supermarket.

    *Due to ongoing price changes, a quote is required at this time for the following states: AK, HI, MT, WY, DC.

    Delivery Unloading: Delivery truck driver will require handling assistance to be provided by purchaser when unloading unit from truck. Liftgate service available at an additional fee.

    Non returnable: All heat pumps are shipped directly from the factory and are non-returnable - all sales are final.

    Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options.

Reviews This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock

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