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HeatSavr Liquid Pool Cover for Manual Dosing HS480-2 *Out of Stock*
   Model: HS480-2
HeatSavr Liquid Pool Cover for Manual Dosing HS480-2 *Out of Stock*
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    Heatsavr liquid pool coverHeatSavr Liquid Pool Cover for Manual Dosing

     Two 32 ounce bottle with built in measuring device and dispenser for easy weekly application on residential swimming pools.

    For approximately 20 years, Flexible Solutions has been marketing and selling HeatSavr™, the original liquid solar pool cover, around the world as an easy to use alternative to a plastic pool cover. HeatSavr™ is now introducing the new HeatSavr™ for Manual Dosing, a low-maintenance, low-investment solution best suited for residential swimming pools.

    HeatSavr liquid pool cover is an alternative to conventional pool covers and allows you to save up to 45% of your pool's energy use on top of the water savings.  HeatSavr products are safe, organic and biodegrade quickly into harmless byproducts.  HeatSavr is manufactured in the USA by Flexible Solutions, an environmental technology company involved in research, development and manufacturing of products that save water and energy.


    HeatSavr liquid is now made with Ethanol - a Bio-Based liquid made primarily from corn. HeatSavr has always been completely safe for all swimmers and now it is even safer for the environment! Read more

    Weekly Dose for Residential Pools

    In an effort to meet the demands of the marketplace, we have extensively researched our active ingredient to determine the actual lifespan of the molecular layer. We are happy to announce that, once added to a pool’s water, the active ingredient in HeatSavr™ and Ecosavr™ will continue to protect the pool’s water for an average of one week.

    Since liquid pool covers are biodegradable, Flexible Solutions has always maintained that, in order to achieve the best possible results, a daily dosage is preferred. This will ensure that the liquid cover is replenished consistently, before it breaks down completely and fails to cover the pool adequately. However, based on our research we have determined that the rate of circulation, splash-out and bather load for a residential pool will be low enough to allow for a once-a-week application.

    Product Applications:
    Indoor and Outdoor Residential Pools
       For commercial & automated products please click here

    Product Benefits:
    Reduces Heat Loss
    Reduces Energy & Maintenance Costs
    Reduces Makeup Water
    Reduces Humidity
    Safe - Tested extensively
    Use indoor or outdoor
    Transparent - The ideal solar cover
    Lab field tested and verified
    User friendly
    Safe for filters and Plumbing
    Undetectable by pool users

    HeatSavr™ is an effective "liquid solar pool cover" that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface.

    HeatSavr™ is made of simple biodegradable ingredients that form the best barrier currently available to slow the heat and water loss that causes high pool room humidity, and high facility heating bills.

    HeatSavr™ slows evaporation substantially. Evaporation is one of the main forms of heat loss from swimming pools and spas. Slowing it can yield large cost savings. HeatSavr™ will lower humidity as well as evaporation. It takes money to buy heat, and heat to evaporate water, so slowing evaporation will lower humidity as well as heating costs.

    HeatSavr™ will save energy in EVERY pool, but heat cost savings vary according to the hours of swimmer use per day, ventilation efficiency, and especially the type and cost of fuel used. The cost of energy also varies from region to region. Tests have proven that heat bill savings range from a low of 15.5% at a high use 50 meter municipal pool, to a high of 40% at a low use condominium pool.

    HeatSavr in action:

    heatsavr before and after

    The photos above were taken on a cool February morning with the outdoor temperature at 4ºC or 39.2ºF, and the water temperature at 27ºC or 82ºF. Within 15 minutes of adding the appropriate dosage of HeatSavr (1.5 oz) to the 500 sq ft pool, the product spread out over the surface area and dramatically reduced evaporation, as shown in the right side photo. Evaporation accounts for approximately 80% of heat, energy and water loss.

    The HeatSavr Liquid:

    HeatSavr™ is a transparent liquid pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss. The liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool water which inhibits evaporation. Energy savings of 45% can be expected. The reduction of evaporation and humidity in indoor pools also lowers the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. HeatSavr has been tested and proven to be completely safe and biodegradable.

    HeatSavr™ performs much like a conventional solar blanket, but eliminates the hassle of constantly removing and replacing of heavy, awkward, space consuming pool blankets.

    The patent protected HeatSavr™ is based on the combination of two technologically advanced scientific formulas; a mono-molecular film-forming liquid and evaporation inhibitors.

    Designed to be lighter than water, it automatically floats on top of 
    the pool's surface and forms an invisible, microscopically thin, but dynamically resistant barrier to escaping water vapor and heat.

    HeatSavr™ works by significantly slowing evaporation from the surface of a swimming pool - both indoor and outdoor pools!


    Home pool owners can now dose their pools only once a week at a rate of 4 ounces per 15,000 – 20,000 gallons of pool water.   A single bottle of our product will last the average backyard swimming pool for 2 months.

    HeatSavr should not be used in pool water below 70 degrees. The product begins to solidify when the water gets cold.

    HeatSavr and Pets

    HeatSavr liquid pool covers are completely safe and used in many households where pets drink from the pool regularly. It is not recommended to allow pets to drink straight HeatSavr from the bottle, but when used as recommended it is entirely safe.

    How does it compare to a plastic pool blanket?

    Based on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week comparison, the liquid solar pool cover is about 75% as effective as a plastic pool blanket. However, it is important to remember that the liquid solar pool cover is protecting your pool 100% of the time, even while you are swimming, whereas a plastic pool blanket is only effective when it is properly secured and perfectly fitted to your pool. To read more on the comparison of plastic and liquid pool covers please click on HeatSavr vs pool blanket comparison link below.


    READ » Effectiveness Test Results
    Savings from some HeatSavr current users
    Evaporation Case Study
    Professional Pool Operators of America Article Excerpt
    HeatSavr vs Pool Blanket Benefits Comparison

    READ » Safety Tests and Data
    NSF Evaluation of HeatSavr Toxicology
    Hyatt Island, California Toxicology Report
    Material Safety Data

    INFO » Energy Cost Savings and
    Download ROI [Return on Investment]
    to calculate how much you can save!


    HELP » Contact Customer Support
    Toll-Free help line offering unit purchase support
    Online e-mail technical and installation support
    Cost-of-operation evaluation of energy savings


    Note: All product performance tests and claims are that of the manufacturer, not The Energy Supermarket.

    Processing and Delivery Information: Please allow Processing Time as stated above for your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day. Please call for Rush Processing and/or Rush Shipping options.

Reviews This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock

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