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Pool Pilot Residential - Digital Display. Salt-chlorine Generator Kit. Made by: AutoPilot
Pool Pilot Residential - Digital Display. Salt-chlorine Generator Kit. Made by: AutoPilot
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    Pool PilotPool Pilot Digital Display 
    Salt-chlorine Generator
    Made by: AutoPilot

    • Water feels soft and silky! 
     Never buy chlorine again
    • Softens water as it purifies
    • Pays for itself in savings

    • Eliminate pool maintenance
    • Saline levels safer than
    • contact lens solution!!!

     Pool Pilot is Carnival Cruise
    • Line's pool purifier system!

    Now available as D-I-Y Kit;
    • easy to install and operate

    A Pool Pilot system will 
    eliminate the discomfort
    and inconvenience of
    harsh chemical reactions
    like red eyes, green hair,
    irritated skin or faded
    swimwear. Pool water will
    retain constant low-levels
    of ph-balanced chlorine
    that purifies the water
    while making it soft and
    silky to the touch.

    Pool Pilot leaves hair and
    skin feeling luxurious!!!

    Autopilot. Improving on
    Mother Nature!

    The Energy SuperMarket's most innovative product, this revolutionary
    design is so ingenious and effective - plus offers such great potential
    benefit for use in protecting the environment and human health it has
    earned a Five star plus rating in our Consumer Value guide!

    Plus... The Energy SuperMarket offers the lowest on-line factory
    direct pricing available! Guaranteed.

    AutoPilot - since 1978 the leading manufacturer of the world's most
    effective salt-chlorine generators! As the most innovative developer
    of all-natural alternatives, AutoPilot has led the way toward providing
    a lifestyle free of pool maintenance!

    “Not only are all the harsh chemical side-affects eliminated,
    you can actually FEEL the water's silky smoothness!!!”


    Digital Display versus Soft Touch Functional Comparison

    The primary differences between the "Soft Touch" models and
    the "Digital Display" models are found in the microprocessor's function, 
    the extent of pool water analysis, and also in the manner of prompting
    the pool owner with instructions.

    Microprocessor digitally analyzes the pool water's salt and chlorine content, calculates proper adjustments, then informs the pool owner with simple, easy-to-read LED instructions!
    Pool Pilot Digital Display
    The Digital Display [shown above] "customer friendly" upgraded 
    models incorporate a new style of simplified push-button controls, 
    plus extra-bright vacuum type fluorescent digital read-outs that
    accurately displays both current water temperature and salt level,
    plus monitors water flow and total hours of conversion cell usage.

    But the most popular and functional feature designed into each of the
    three Digital Display models operation is providing the pool owner with
    a handy digital read-out showing the proper amount of salt that needs
    to be added to the pool water [shown below].
    Digital Display
    PLUS the Digital Display models all come with a built-in time clock
    for controlling the pool pump, which is an excellent way to save the
    cost and hassle of installing a timer unit on new pool installations!

    Pool Pilot Soft Touch Control Panel
    The Soft Touch [shown above] "no-frills" models incorporate the
    standard push-button controls, plus LED read-outs that offer accurate
    at-a-glance salt-levels. The Soft Touch models offer all the benefits 
    of salt-chlorine generation at a reasonable budget-minded cost.


    Never purchase Chlorine again. Never transport Chlorine again.
    And never smell that awful Chlorine odor again!!!

    PLUS... A Pool Pilot combined with an automated pool cleaning
    device can eliminate the need for Pool Maintenance Service! 

    The Pool Pilot system pays for itself in chemicals savings alone!


    Install it. Then forget it.

    Once an optimum level of operation is achieved, the only task
    required is to hit the boost cycle when weather conditions are
    extreme or the pool experiences unusually heavy use. 

    The Pool Pilot insures a constant low chlorine level which
    eliminates the wide fluctuations of over-and-under chlorination. 

    And the Pool Pilot drastically reduces the need to monitor,
    purchase, and add other balancing or maintenance chemicals.

    So, imagine having a "company perfect" pool everyday - 
    and never worrying about pool maintenance while on vacation.


    Salt is natural. It comes from the Earth.

    Salt is economical and available everywhere. It is also eco-friendly - 
    plus the salt-to-chlorine conversion is energy efficient!

    A wonderful thing happens to the salt after it is turned into low-level
    chlorine and does the work of sanitizing you pool water - it turns
    back into salt and the process begins all over again.

    But the best part is that the salt content of the pool water is at
    a much lower level than contact lens solution used with the human eye; 
    so harmless there is not even a detectable salty taste to the water!!!

    See HELPFUL Q & A - Information regarding Pool Pilot use

    – Pool Pilot's exclusive process:

    The salt-chlorine generation process naturally, economically,
    safely, and effectively controls all the harmful micro-organism
    growth in the pool water... reducing toxic levels of Chlorine use
    by scientifically generating its own nature-based salt chlorine
    at constant, sustainable low levels!

    Simply pour salt directly into the pool water - it dissolves quickly.

    Preassembled Manifold with Conversion CellWhen the ions in salt are passed
    over specially coated blades in the
    Pool Pilot's conversion cell and
    induced with a low voltage electrical
    charge, the ions are converted into
    naturally generated chlorine.

    When this process is incorporated
    into a swimming pool's filtration
    system, it creates a natural low
    level chlorine generator.

    The Pool Pilot reduces up to 80%
    of all the costly chemicals needed
    to kill unsafe algae and bacteria
    in pool water - chemicals that also
    can cause serious damage to the
    earth's delicate ecosystem.

    And more importantly, according
    to a recent study by Greenpeace,
    exposure to Chlorine gas during
    swimming may result in several
    heightened human health concerns
    including neurological problems
    in children, breast cancer, 
    deformities, and infertility.
    See Below* 

    • The Pool Pilot is so rugged and effective it was chosen exclusively
    • to serve as Carnival Cruise Line's onboard pool purifier system!
    • Designed to operate under the most demanding 24/7 high-volume
    • use, the Pool Pilot units easily stand up to use with pure sea water!

    So try a POOL PILOT and enjoy feeling the water's
    silky smoothness that comes with a naturally pure, chemically-free
    swimming pool experience!!! It's so easy to install and operate,
    and the water feels so luxurious, you will wonder why you didn't
    start using Pool Pilot years ago!

                                Exclusive Pool Pilot Features:
    Pool Pilot's unique patented technology on its SuperCell offers: 
         • Titanium blades for optimum service life 
         • Automatic "soft-reverse polarity" cell cleaning 
         • Step-by-Step Factory Customer Support Help Line offering 
         • personal assistance with conversion cell maintenance 

    Installation kit
    Plus Pool Pilot comes complete with all the necessary wiring harnesses,
    cable connections, and mounting hardware. Also included is a supply of
    AquaChek salt water test strips to monitor pool water quality.

                              - COMPARISON GUIDES -

    Pool Pilot Digital Display Models
    of Salt-Chlorine Generators
    are available in three sizes with an assortment of features to allow 
    the customer to select the model that is tailored to their specific
    needs and budget: 

         • Digital Display DIG-35    Max Pool Size in Gallons  35,000 

     Digital Display DIG-42    Max Pool Size in Gallons  42,000 

         • Digital Display DIG-52    Max Pool Size in Gallons  52,000

         • Soft Touch DIG-15  For residential pools over 52,000 gal.

    For smaller pools, please see Pool Pilot Digital NANO

    Use the helpful POOL PILOT Side-by-Side Guide below to
    compare the specs of the Soft Touch models with the three upgraded 
    "customer friendly"technologically advanced,  Digital Display models.

    POOL PILOT Side-by-Side Comparison Guide
    Pool Pilot
    Soft Touch
    Soft Touch
    Soft Touch
    Pool Size
    in gallons
      *Pounds per day according to NSF test results

    •Soft Touch DIG-15 For residential pools over 51,800 gal.

    For Soft Touch models please click here.
    For smaller pools please see Pool Pilot Digital NANO

    Use the helpful MANUFACTURERS Side-by-Side Guide below to
    compare the specs of various brands of salt-chlorine generators with
    the Pool Pilot Digital Display model.

    MANUFACTURERS Side-by-Side Comparison
               Model Features
    Max chlorine output
    [per day]
    Years manufacturing
    salt-chlorine generators
    100% purification up
    to 50,000 gal
    Adjustable power
    [amperage] to cell
    Boost cycle of
    24 or 72 hours*
    Patented by-pass
    Built-in time clock for
    pool pump
    Built-in cell
    Flow switch for instant
    Soft reverse to insure
    longer cell life
    Adjustable cell
    cleaning cycle
    Cell warranted up to
    60 months
    Lifetime trade-in value
    on conversion cell
    Control system
    Operates at temperatures
    up to 104บ [F]**
    Patented temperature compensated output
    Accurate temperature compensated salt readings
    Operates below 50บ [F]
    Built-in freeze protection
    Operates effectively at salt levels of 2000 - 35,000ppm
    Digital display of salt level
    in ppm
    [Digital Display]
    Digital display of amount
    of salt to add
    L.E.D. read-out of salt level
    in ppm
    Manufactured in the USA
      *Accumulated pump run time   **For switching from pool to spa

    Compare Pool Pilot Digital to other types of Purifiers

    HELP ป Contact Customer Support
    • Proper product selection supported by customer service agent
    • Proper operation supported by solar engineer tech assistance
    • Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support

    Step-by-Step Factory Customer Support Help Line
    • for personal assistance with Installation/Setup Programming!!!
    • Toll-Free  1 800 922 6246

    Function: kills micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria
    Benefits: natural way to clean, clear and healthy swimming pool!

    Product Applications:
    • The Pool Pilot is designed to soften swimming pool water as it purifies; • providing hassle-free management of residential pools
    • Functions effectively in both heated or unheated pools, and at all salt
    • levels ranging from 2,000 up to 35,000 ppm, including sea water 

    Product Benefits:
    • Highly versatile, energy efficient, environmentally friendly! 
    • Well constructed unit offers best value in Salt-chlorine generators
    • Eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of harsh chemical
    • reactions such as red eyes, green hair, irritated skin and faded
    • swimwear - provides constant low-levels of ph-balanced chlorine
    • that purifies the water while making it soft and silky to the touch 
    • Allows up to 80% typical REDUCTION in costly chemicals!!!
    Keeps pool chemistry stable, plus eliminates inert ingredients
    • present in liquid, tablet, and powder forms of chlorine 
    • Makes pool maintenance a breeze; eliminates pool chores 
    • Continues to function even during vacation/holiday times
    • PLUS... Never purchase Chlorine again!!! 

    Product Features:
    • Microprocessor digitally analyzes the pool water's salt 
    • and chlorine content, calculates proper adjustments, then informs 
    • the pool owner with simple, easy-to-read LED instructions!
    • Multiple 24 and 72 hour boost cycles plus patented temperature
    • compensation that functions in water temperatures up to 104
    • Unique boost feature allows rapid increase in the purification level,
    • eliminating the need to shock pool with harsh chemicals
    • Over-chlorination sensor and in-line manifold micro-screen both
    • provide extra protection for electronics and titanium blades
    • More purifier output than any other unit - up to 2 lbs per day
    • Pre-assembled manifold assures customer an easy installation  
    • Patented Bypass Manifold check valve diverts 15% of flow -
    • extends life of titanium blades to optimum service life
    • Patented automatic "soft-reverse polarity" conversion cell cleaning
    • process assures that titanium blades wear evenly
    • Patented temperature compensation 
    • Life-time trade in value on conversion cell
    • Jandy and Compool fully compatible
    • Offers the best the combination of quality, dependability, customer
    • satisfaction, and warranty coverage!

    Operating on the market worldwide since 1978 - twice as long as
    • any competitor! Approaching quarter-million satisfied customers!!!
    • Do-It-Yourself friendly kit is easy to install - easy to use
    • Do-It-Yourself friendly start-up procedures and manual 
    • Step-By-Step Factory Customer Support - Toll-Free!!!

    Product Specifications:
    • Constructed of space-age polymers which are weather, water,
    • sunlight, and chemical resistant
    • Conversion cell blades manufactured from Titanium

    View ป Owners Manual [Pdf Format]

    View ป Warranty [Pdf Format]

    Warranty Note: Customer shall be responsible for any
    travel charges imposed by warranty center or servicing agent
    for travel beyond a 50-mile radius. The sender covers all parts returned to Autopilot and Autopilot will return parts prepaid. Product Manufacturer:  AutoPilot Systems, Inc

    Note: Contaminants other than algae and bacteria naturally
    build-up in pool water such as air-born dust, suntan lotion, human
    body oils, etc. which are not controlled by salt-chlorine process.

    An accumulation of these contaminants will tend to cloud the
    water; therefore a small trace amount of chlorine or other oxidizers
    is necessary to dissolve them to maintain crystal clear conditions.

    Other oxidizers that may be substituted are bromine,
    hydrogen peroxide, or oxygen based compounds, which are
    readily available at most pool supply stores.

    Baquacil pools needs to be converted to chlorine before Pool Pilot installation: How To Change a Bacquacil Pool to a Chlorine Pool

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