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Florida Solar Rebates and Incentives – Solar rebates available in Florida for Solar Water Heating, Solar PV Electric, and Solar Pool Heaters.

Solar Water Heaters

Reduce water heating
bills by 80%
Save 2 Tons of CO2/year
Over 10 different models

Solar Electricity (PV)

Reduce electrical bills
from 20% to 90%
Leading brands:
BP, Sanyo, Sharp, Shell

Solar Pool Heaters

$0 monthly operating costs
Doubles pool season
No pollution

Dear Solar Direct Customer,

Starting today (Saturday, July 1, 2006), Floridians can get state rebates to apply against purchases of solar equipment for their home – with great deals on solar water heaters and solar electricity (photovoltaic or PV). Click here for an overview of the program or for a chart summary.
Now is the time to get the Florida rebates!
There are many reasons why now is a great time for these "Go green, Save Green" home additions:

  • Enjoy Immediate home energy-savings. Using solar electricity, electric bills can be reduced immediately by 20-90%, depending on the size of the system. Solar Water heating can reduce your hot water heating bills by 75-97%, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

  • Gain Two Ways to Save. By acting now, you'll guarantee you'll also get your equipment in time to also use the Federal Energy Act of 2005 incentives – allowing you to subtract 30% of your purchase price (less state rebates) from your 2006 federal tax bill. Here’s an example:
List price of solar water heater
Less Florida Rebate
Less Federal Tax Credit
You pay only
Ask about other Solar Direct Incentives
Save up to an additional $2,000

List price of solar electric system
Less Florida Rebate
Less Federal Tax Credit
You pay only
You save almost 50% off Retail
  • Increase Your Home's Value. Green building appraisers estimate for every $1 in a home's annual energy saving, the appraisal price increases $20.

  • Solar Storm Proof Your Home - Solar PV and solar water heaters provide great backup system during power outages and hurricanes.

  • Be a Steward of the Florida Environment. As a carbon-free energy source, using solar helps reduce Florida's - as well as your own - contribution to global warming. (Florida is one of the top five states in US energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions contribution.)

With so many reasons in front of us – WHY NOT make JULY "Energy Independece Month" by moving to solar! Contact us today for a Free No-Obligation Quote.


Dale Gulden - President, Solar Direct

Dale A. Gulden
President, Solar Direct

Helpful Hints for Getting Your Florida Solar Rebate*

solar rebate hints Click here for the Solar Rebate Application

solar rebate hints Please note that a household gets ONE Solar Rebate per resident!

solar rebate hints Check your installer's license.
The state will not reward rebates to systems installed by unlicensed contractors or contractors with inappropriate licenses.

For solar PV, use a state-licensed master electrician, electrical contractor or solar contractor.

For Solar Water Heaters, use a state-licensed plumber or solar contractor.

solar rebate hints Check your equipment meets the Minimum Size

Solar photovoltaic system must be a minimum of 2 kW.

Solar Water heater(s) must provide at least 50% of the dwelling’s hot water needs.

solar rebate hints Buy Early, Apply Early!
Rebate applications are accepted only within 90 days post the date of purchase.

solar rebate hints Why Buy Early?
There are $2.5 Million in funds for the first (and only funded) year of the program. Some 150,000 to 200,000 new homes go up per year in Florida!

There are 20 Million Florida residents and less than 1% have solar today.

Some of the hints described here are adapted from the text in the signed Florida Energy Act.

* The temporary rules in place for qualifying for a rebate and FAQ are published here (posted July 3,2006)

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